Research Groups on Reservoir Computing

Reservoir Lab, Ghent University, Belgium

Applications of RC in speech processing, robot navigation and control, robot localization,  photonic computation, etc. Head: Benjamin Schrauwen

Human and Robot Interactive Cognitive Systems Team, INSERM Lyon, France

Cognitive neuroscience. Head:  Peter F. Dominey. Peter described the RC principle as a model of sequence processing in the human brain.

The Speech Processing Lab, Ghent University, Belgium

Speech recognition technology research. Head: Jean-Pierre Martens. Recently interested to investigate RC modules in complex speech recognition systems.

Planet intelligent systems GmbH, Schwerin, Germany

An SME specialized on text and handwriting recognition and analysis solutions. Since several years embarking on RC methods in core recognition modules. CTO and co-founder: Welf Wustlich

Research Institute for Cognition and Robotics (CoR-Lab), Bielefeld University

Cognitive Robotics and Learning: application of RC in robotics for learning kinematics and movement generation, etc.

Cognitive Bodyspaces: Learning and Behavior (COBOSLAB), University of Würzburg, Germany

Artificial self-organized cognitive learning systems that learn multimodal modular sensorimotor bodyspace representations for effective learning and behavior. Head: Martin V. Butz


development of a new generation of embodied agents that are able to learn and develop autonomously (without human intervention) from the physical world. Head: Mohamed Oubbati