For developers

We are open to code contributions or bugfixes from external developers, and we welcome any additions to the list of features this toolbox offers.

The recommended way of contributing code or fixes is to check out the repository version of the toolbox, using:

hg clone Oger

After committing all the code changes you want, you can export a patch to submit to any of the developers. We recommend activating the mercurial Queue extension for creating your patches, but you can export your patch old-school style using:

hg log -r tip -p

If you have your repository clone hosted on bitbucket, you can also send a pull request.

We ask that any contributed code:

  • be sufficiently documented, both with docstrings and inline comments where necessary
  • contain unit-tests for the important functionalities
  • follows when possible to the PEP-8 style guidelines and be pythonic.